Hidden Sightings (part one)

DSCN0357[1] It seemed, from where Trinity hid at least, that, that was something monsterous coming out of the water. Her heat beat. Deep in this new, wooded, and watery place, it seemed the kind of place that monster thrived. The murky water hiding the sharp claws, and pointed teeth that lurked below.

Clearly, Trinity thought, she had passed into some new, mysterious and perhaps magical world. Of course it had to be a dream, or perhaps a head injury, she did remember having a fall, but nothing else was retainted from before the moment she faced here.

The monster was slowly drifting closer, and although she was still at a safe distance, the fear had still settled down in the soles of her feet, making it impossible for her to move from the path of the monster.

In what she mentally referred to as the real world, Trinity had always been a very logical and factual person. In the real world, monsters and the places that contained them did not exist. At all… CC//




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