Leafy Door Beads


I am but one with nature. I like to stand beneath the trees, and let the leaves hang down around me. I like to look up and watch them rustle in the wind, and catch glimpses of the sky above. Bare foot of course, I stand among them, between them, before them and beneath them. I have a natured spirit, I belong in nature. I’m comforted there, I’m at peace, the sound of wind, and rustling, of birds chirping, it all makes sense to me.

I touch the bark with my finger tips, move close to it the smell of something natural, of something more then me, it’s not man made but it calls to me. A tree, the grass, blue skies or even grey they ensnare my senses. Touching them helps me realise what is right in the world, carries my worries away and lets me be silent in a moment of clarity. I am nature it is me.



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