Poetics In My Genetics


Poetry is openness and honesty,

well, that’s how it feels to me.


Like eyes, they’re a window to the soul

while writing poetry for me… it feels a hole.

It makes me whole.


Poetry is like a photograph,

I am a photographer…

that one moment and how you feel within it.

Ingrained feelings become words.


A sneak peek into the mind

of a writer, a poet and dreamer.

Specifically mine,

words whizzing around my mind

all of them waiting to be created

into something.


A poem,

a form of poetry

expressing my feelings in a blasts


The reader now knows,

Myself laid bare and vulnerable.


Stripped bare for just an instance.Ā 

Left standing,

the reader staring and judging,

inturperting my words as theirs.


Poetry isn’t the feelings of a character,

but your own.

But it is full of characters

and they are all you.

The many different parts of you.


It is not hidden

It is on show.

As a poet you are exposed.







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