Children Are Like Clay


From a young child, my mind was moulded

by all the things that I was told,

by my Parents and other adults.

Some were facts, while others falsities;


Opinions on how these grown-ups felt about things,

while I innocent and naive, had to sift through these things,

think about the thoughts I had

and what applied to me, how my opinions

effects people’s view of me.

Growing up being told who and what I should be;

one Parent even saying they were disappointed in me,

from Archeologist to Writer with a passion,

for history and real-life criminality.

But the other Parent who was there supported me,

allowed me to be the Bird I’m meant to be,

so that I could fly free,

despite me exhausting personality.

Imagination and hypothetical questions overwhelm my brain continually

A Writer, Photographer and Dreamer.




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