The Jar Stories


A long time in the making THE JAR STORIES are finally here!

When I first purchased this jar (see photo) I just knew that I wanted to cram it full of a series of multicoloured post-it note as I could, each one folded up around a writing prompt.

So now step one is done, its time to begin The Jar Stories, each week I will pick one out, post the prompt along with a short story; Let’s set the word limit to 500-1,500 words. 

How You Can Join The Jar Stories

Follow My Blog:  Life Photographic


Look Out For New Post: Every Wednesday (3pm GMT)


Write Your Own Story Based On The Prompt: 500-1500 Words.


Post The Short Story To Your Blog: Create A New Page Called; The Jar Stories.


Leave A Link To It In My Comment Section: I Will Post The Link At The Start Of My Story.


Help Create A Community: Leave Feedback In The Comments, Let Me Know What You Think.


Keep It Kind: We Are Here To Build Each Other Up Not Tear Each Other Down, Constructive Criticism Is Great, Negative For Negative’s Sake Is Not. 


You can choose how you wish to join in with The Jar Stories and I hope that in some way you do. I have been in love with this idea for a while and now I have the courage to actually go through with it.

I hope that some of you out there will love it too, whether you join in and write your own stories or simply read mine and leave feedback…All participation is great! Participation is what I’m dreaming of. 

Let’s make THE JAR STORIES something special!